This is a project carried out together with Elobina and Miljöbron, which resulted in a report about the state of the Textile Industry written by the students  Federica Bertolani & Danielle Arzaga from the University of Lund. We hope that you have time to read the report, since there is a lot of interesting information. I have collected some of the highlights to this post, but please read the whole report – it is really worth your time.  We have included the whole report as well as a shorter ppt- version.

Overview – Problems with the Textile Industry

The lifecycle for textile products is lengthy, complex and highly fragmented. The possibility for environmental impacts and pollution occur at multiple stages, with water use, water pollution, and toxic chemical use among the most significant.

Levers for change and industry goals identified by Pulse of the Fashion Industry, 2017

Textile Industry short ppt. presentation


Textile Industry the whole report