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Mia Fransson: A skull filled with color, shape and imagination


”I am a graphic designer and illustrator who has begun designing my own patterns. If you have a skull filled with color, shape and imagination, one has to think about it sometimes to make more room for new creations. My plants and flowers are taken from my memory bank from childhood summer … and lifting on a rock, there is also a small filth that wants to be with. I want to make patterns that make people happy! ”

How long have you been a designer and illustrator?       

I have worked in the advertising industry as a designer / art director for over 30 years, though mainly with graphic production. I have worked upward in a traditional way, started as a student of an art director and took step by step and worked on courses and education on the way. I have drawn and painted as long as I can remember. So I finally got a chance to work with what I dreamed about. Having my own company and being able to develop myself as a designer and illustrator.

How was the feeling when you discovered Elobina?

I had a strong sense of what I wanted to do and surfed around to find a company that matched my wishes, where it was easy to order and that you could see the results directly.

Why are you using Elobina?

Elobina suited me perfectly. I had some criteria, it would be a Swedish company, it would be easy to order and that you could try it out.
So a first impression is very important and for me it clicked directly with Elobina.

Tell us about the process, from imagination to pattern on fabric?

I always walk around with a block and pen in the bag. Draws ideas on all occasions given. It may be a shape or color that trigger my brain and then it must be tested directly, I do not like to walk around and think, I want to try it right away! In addition, I fill the phone with pictures, if I look at something exciting, can be a fruit, flower or whatever, I’ll shoot and save in my image bank.


The next step is to make a pencil drawing. When it’s done, the illustration is transferred to a new paper by letting it on the light table with a black pen, making an outline. Then it’s just coloring, using pencils, watercolor or gouache paint. When I am satisfied, I scan and release. Then I start building patterns and reporting.

Then to the fun part, “create” patterns on Elobinas side, to see how the pattern looks like.

What do you do with the fabric? Is it for your own use? are you sewing? Do you sell any further?

It’s always exciting to get home the fabric. Packing up immediately, always marveling how fine it will be, perfectly rendered colors. I usually print a meter of my new patterns and test a few products. I’m mostly sewing for myself but for larger productions I’m taking help.

My products are sold through social media, no website yet. Have a lot of events too where I show up my products and have popup-store. The companies that have contacted me have seen what I’ve done through Social Media and found that my ways fit their business.

Can Elobina meet your visions?

Elobina is a perfect partner, they have the knowledge and are always on hand when you need advice or have questions.

I have worked out a business model with a business coach and a group that consisted of friends who know my business idea. I and the group have come up with a model that suits my company.

Elobina meets my requirements and my thinking. My vision is to produce unique and personal products in such a good and environmentally friendly manner, not to compromise on quality and sustainability, nor to produce junk products at a cheap money. Make a statement for Swedish, unique and quality.

Want to offer my customers what I want!

What are you doing right now?

Right now, I try to catch all the balls I have in the air. Love to throw a ball and see if it’s bouncing back

Part of my job process is finding new exciting customer segments, this is as fun as creating new patterns. I see something that attracts me, such as a restaurant, this does not have to be expensive or boring, but there is something that makes my brain spin, slowly I start building. What could you find for fun to this place, which visits the place, you can create something extra that the customer wants, maybe a useful memory. Imagine being able to buy some of their own beautiful linen bags, the same as the tablecloths during the wonderful dinner. Or can send, or pack on a trip and give away as a gift, unique and Swedish. Something that is useful.

Thinking all the time in a quarter, working with the different seasons of the year and adjusting my patterns accordingly.

Then I have a larger art exhibition in June next year that requires a lot of planning, but one thing is absolutely sure there will be patterns, shapes, colors and fabrics.

Ready lunch box