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Ingrid Fröhlich: To feed the creativity, I need to travel

How did you become an illustrator?

When I was twenty-one, I realized that I could educate myself in art. I searched and entered an art line at college. In 1994, I was employed as an illustrator and graphic artist at Sweden Television in Falun. I worked there with both news and program production for ten truly developing and fun years. In 1999, I began to do illustration assignments besides that work and from 2004 I have freelance more or less full time.

I have illustrated more than 23 books so far, mostly textbooks. But also a handful of children’s and youth books. In addition, there have been a large number of reports in magazines over the years.

How did you discover Elobina?

In addition to these assignments, I work as a visual artist and lately I have found the textile world, where I saw that some of my production found home. Both as print of images and as patterns. I have applied for a partner in Sweden to collaborate in order to reach out with my visual arts and became happy when I found Elobina on the internet.

Why are you just using Elobina?

Just now that it is technically possible to print “on demand” appeals to me very much. I only want to work with image and pattern creation. Now, thanks to, I have a professional partner who has a great deal of dialogue with me, and in addition, I take care of presenting, producing and delivering the finished image / pattern of textiles to the buyer. It’s so good that the customer can choose between different textiles and some organic in addition, depending on what they want to use the print. Another important thing for me is that nothing is produced unnecessarily! Nothing needs to be discarded!

Can Elobina meet your visions?

I’m only in the beginning of my way as a textile designer and it feels great to have Elobina as a partner, with the resources and knowledge they have.

What does your “creative” process look like? Where do you get your inspiration?

Being able to work as an illustrator and artist is a very big part of my identity and privilege. Idea processing is taking place in my brain 24 hours a day. To nurture creativity, I need to travel, I need to see new views, stay on foreign lands and occasionally be spectators rather than participating. I also need time, a time corridor.

After and before; social affairs, people, activities, possible payroll and so on. Time to be yourself in the studio or elsewhere where I get wealthy to formulate my expressions and colors. I usually start working on pencil, paper, and use watercolor or gouache colors, then I continue to work on my computer.

Some of the artists and illustrators who influenced me: Vincent van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Sigrid Hjertén, Per Åhlin, Hans Arnold, Jane Bark, Åke Arenhill and Tove Jansson.

Future plans?

We will start the next work / inspiration trip in early December.

With a small converted bus, I, my husband and Fille our labrador, will travel slowly on smaller roads and spend the winter in southern Europe. I of course take my tools with me. Among my patterns and image prints on you will see a lot of items created during and after our last trip.

Soon new impressions will be transformed into my expressions on Elobinas page.

Ingrid Fröhlich