How to make a swing of a wood pallet!

Here are instrctions on how to build a simple swing for you and your children. For the project you need the following:

-1 pcs wood pallet


-power drill

-screws (5×60 mm)

-sand paper

-rope approx. 8 meters


-glue for wood

Stage 1: Start by sawing the pallet in two pieces like shown here below. Smoothen the surface and the edges by using sand paper.

Stage 2: Attach the smaller piece to the bigger piece. To secure the attachment we used both glue and plenty of screws. Wait for the glue to dry properly.

Stage 3: Drill 4 holes in the in the bigger piece. Make sure that the holes are wide enough for the rope that you will use to hang the swing.

Stage 4: Paint the swing. Make sure that the paint is suitable for outdoor use, if you plan to keep your swing outdoors.

Vaihe 5: Cut your rope in 4 suitable lenghts and thread the lenghts through the holes that you drilled earlier. Tie stout knots at the end of each length.


Start 6: Fill your swing with your favourite cushions and enjoy!keinu tyynyillä ja muilla pehmusteilla ja anna keinua! The fabric on the mattress is Savannah and the pattern is called Esmeralda. The fabric on the cushion cover is Poplin Tylösand Eco.