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“My goal is to produce products that reflect the joy I feel about creation.”

Present yourself and why did you start Color your life by Elisabet Ädelroth?

I, Elisabet Ädelroth, is a mother of three children from Lomma who in the middle of my life decided to leave my former career in the medical care and pharmaceutical industry behind me and instead follow my heart and my dream. Since childhood I have been a very creative person who drew and painted diligently through all stages of life, and who created, sewn and written music for as long as I can remember. When my children came to the world, it became less time for my own interests. After the third child was born, I decided to go under the current financial crisis, to terminate my permanent work to invest in an own art and design company. It was like throwing yourself into a whole new world with many exciting challenges! What started with hand-painted children’s boards, then developed into sales of both children’s clothes, wooden shoes and footwear and other colorful workwear. From having previously worked with retailers in stores, I currently run my own webshop at My goal is to produce products that reflect the joy I feel about creation. Spreading joy and providing good customer service are two obviousities. Managing my own company has also given me the opportunity for flexibility in my working hours and being more accessible to my children during their upbringing.

How did you find Elobina and why do you want to collaborate / sell your patterns on Elobina?

One evening last year, when I was scrolling on social media, I suddenly got news about Elobina. I began to read about the company, which surprisingly proved to be in my own municipality! I became fire and flames and felt that this was something new that I had not heard of before, and that would suit me like a hand in the glove. Imagine getting your own fabric, how awesome! And without having to produce thousands of fabric roles, you do not know how they were manufactured and how environmentally friendly it would be. Elobinas idea is to produce fabrics ‘on demand’ and it suits me perfectly. The fact that it takes place under controlled forms in Europe and without chemicals feels fantastic and is also in time. Often, I get ideas about doing the one and the other, but they often stay ideas in my mind because I can not find any sensible partner or process that works for me. Selling patterns on Elobina feels fun and new; I feel that my ideas that come into patterns of different kinds can have life and can also bring other joy. There are many who are good at sewing out there that can buy fabrics with my pattern and create their own products.

Does Elobina meet up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely. I remember the very first fabric I ordered by Elobina. How positively supriced I was over both quality and color rendering. Suddenly I felt that there were incredible opportunities for new exciting projects. Elobina is a forward-looking cooperation partner who can also assist in obtaining finished products, etc. The range of fabrics is impressive, making opportunities even more.

Future plans

As long as I think it’s as fun with my creative company as I do today, I’ll continue. My ideas never seem to end, even though there are many and many other things that draw me too. The music and other chores I also give time to. It’s important to do what you like. Then you will also become a better and happier mom and wife. Realizing your dreams is important. The worst thing is not to take the opportunity when it is there. I will continue to design pattern designs and develop ideas in my mind in parallel with other product categories. I will try to reach a wider customer base and deepen cooperation with Elobina. I find a huge joy and satisfaction in the creation. It’s about living now. You do not know what the future offers.