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Ingela Djupedal: Only when I released the expectations of how it would be and let curiosity control the creator’s joy came back.


Tell me about yourself, how did you start painting?

My earliest memories are related to painting. My grandmother was an artist and used to draw a drawing board for us grandchildren, with paper, colors, passers and everything possible to create with. Grandmother also bought real paintings for me for birthdays and jewelery, and much of that I still have.
Still, I did not paint anything for many, long years. I was too self-critical and never satisfied with the result. Only when I released the expectations of how it would be and let curiosity control the creator’s joy came back. Nowadays I’m almost always happy with what I painted.

What does your “creative” process look like? Where do you get your inspiration?

I like drawing and painting all living, animals and people, flowers and landscapes. Inspiration comes in a hundred seconds when I see something beautiful, often it’s a combination of colors and shapes. In principle, I never paint from a photo but want to have the fourth dimension, the time, like when the light moves over the day, the wind is playing in foliage.

How did you find Elobina?

I want to remember that it was my friend Anna-Lee who found you at the Älvsjöexhibition (that is, the Stockholm exhibition, but for us who live nearby, it will always be the Älvsjöexhibition).

Why do you choose to have your patterns on Elobina?

I think it’s a great opportunity to print my patterns on fabric, and in an environmentally friendly way too. The rendering is better than I dared to hope for, it almost looks like I painted directly on the fabric. I have pillows in all my designs and will buy more when new designs are ready.
I hope, of course, that many will like and want my patterns and via Elobina I can offer them more.

Future plans?

I have just been granted leave of absence to drive my business, so for the next six months I will work full time with my patterns. I am planning to start my own small online store and hope to get involved with different manufacturers. It will be exciting to see what it gets. Unless otherwise, I will create a pile of new patterns. More pictures of products with my patterns can be found on instagram (ingeladjupedal) or at

You can find Ingelas patterns here.