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Customer interview with Prydaform, Carina Sjöö Ekelöf

Tell me about yourself, how did your creation begin?

I have always created in some form, have drawn and painted late childhood. Already when I went out of elementary school I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I educated myself as a decorator as it was previously called, today you are a stylist or interior designers, and worked in department stores as windows and in-house decorators, then worked for several years with theater and film, then worked for a few years on a drawing house with original and illustrations for everything possible. After many years in the advertising industry, I finally became my own, and has been running Prydaform full time since 1997.

When did you start “Prydaform”? What do you offer to your customers?

At Prydaform I work a large part of the time with graphic production and illustration, but after I went on a pattern design course in autumn 2014 I got stuck in the pattern creation. And now I work in parallel with pattern design. It is so fun to create with all possible painting techniques, a lot of watercolor and copy / color pencils .. and then report on fabric and other products. Love color and a little crazy pattern, it’s rarely I do completely digital patterns, most of it is done on the drawing board by hand and then I report it in photoshop.

I draw pattern reports that are sold on, and are also included on a pattern bank online – Swedish Pattern Agency. After my family and friends pushed on me and made me dare to move on, I have since October opened my own webshop, where I have several basic collections for textiles, but are constantly littering with new products and color settings of bef patterns. The starting shot for the web shop went for a pretty big show which I got the privilege of having at Hotel Kung Carl’s party / and conference floor in Stockholm, in September. There I invited my friends and their friends, to show off what I do, and at the same time I got input on what is good and what is less good. Everyone who came had to fill out a questionnaire where I asked a lot of questions, and in this way I could get a quick idea of ​​what people like and want to see more of.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration for my creation is just about everywhere. It does not have to be the nature, the sky or the sea, even though it is a great source to pour out. I paint most of my designs out in the archipelago when I sit and bob in the boat – which becomes a real summer studio, and it is awesome with the light and everything lovely that is around. I also find small inspiration grains in some simple detail, a door knob, a fun window or a hubcap with fun shadows. It just bubbles up something right where it is…. When I get stuck in some job, or don’t know how to move on, I go out and run in the forest. After a round, I have usually received new ideas or come up with how to proceed. It is quite crazy that running has such a positive effect on the head and body.

Why do you use Elobina?

Elobina I found by chance in 2014, and has been a customer there since then. We designers who are not so big need to be able to have a supplier for smaller quantities and that is good with Elobina. Is also fond of the editor tools where you can easily see how a pattern appears on pillows, curtains, clothes etc. As you at Elobina developed it over the years, it is a great asset. This means that I can create unique products for my customers in an easy-to-manage manner. It is also positive with all the fun fabric qualities, and above all being able to have such a good and quick feedback. I get a quick answer when something fuss and I am positive that the lead times for production have been reduced, experience it anyway. Being Swedish and environmentally friendly is a big plus.

What plans do you have for the future?

Keeping high quality of what I do. When I sell my products I want to feel that the customer gets good products that last over time. The customer should not get tired of my designs, they should make them happy. Widening my range, working on children and junior patterns, working on raising production rates, trying to get more at fairs and markets, and meeting customers “face to face” it is so much fun. Looking forward to a fun 2019 with good cooperation. Trying to be humble for tough days that I know are required to get Prydaform to be at the top!…. it may sound a bit cocky, but important to set good goals .. it anyway inspire me.

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