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Elobina at Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards gala 2015

Elobinas designs and fabrics at the Swedish Elle Decoration Design Awards Gala 2015 Elobina created the pattern for Elle Decorations gala which was printed in Hopsack and Voile . The Hopasck was used as a drapery fabric on stage and Voilen were at the entrance where guests came in. The patterns is to be found among our ready made […]

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Art by Madeleine Santiago

We want t present the wonderful work by Madeleine Santiago.                      

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Textiles at Hotel Arctic Eden

På Elobina är vi jätte stolta över våra skickliga kunder. Här vill vi presentera Hotell Arctic Eden i Kiruna uppe i norr som själva designat jätte snygga väggbonader till hotellets restaurang.    

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Create a Kitchen Towel

At elobina it is easy to create your own kitchen and tea towels.                                                                                      […]



 Artificial fibers in fabrics Artificial fibers are fibers are fibers that are made by humans. Usually it is some variant of plastic. Nylon is used in tights, lycra is used in socks and swimwear or fleece fabric to manufacture of used PET bottles. Synthetic fibers are properly resistant, but  those based on plastic take fire […]