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Create a Kitchen Towel

At elobina it is easy to create your own kitchen and tea towels.                                                                                      […]



 Artificial fibers in fabrics Artificial fibers are fibers are fibers that are made by humans. Usually it is some variant of plastic. Nylon is used in tights, lycra is used in socks and swimwear or fleece fabric to manufacture of used PET bottles. Synthetic fibers are properly resistant, but  those based on plastic take fire […]


Reactive print

    Reactive printing with reactive dyes , can be used on most cellulose-based materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose and also silk and wool. The reactive print  pushes the colours into the fabric fibers. Similar technology for synthetic fabric is called dispersion and is typically used for polyester and polyamide. Reactive printing is more complex than […]


Growing Cotton

Cotton is grown mainly in tropical and subtropical regions , and since the growing often occurs in arid areas where freshwater is scarce  irrigation of large areas is necessary. Cotton is not only a solitary plant . It is a genus of about 50 different cotton plants.To be able to grow cotton a tropical temperate climate is […]