Crepe Satin Silk 12 mm (R)


100% Silk 12 mm
Pressure width: 130 cm
Weight: 55g/ m2
Pressure: Reactive
Shrinkage: 3-5%
Delivery time: 5 weeks

Crepe Satin is perfect for shawls, blouses, shirts, kimonos, etc.

Washing instructions: Silkfabric should be rarely washed or not at all. They should hang out and weigh after use. For laundry – dry cleaning


Crepe Satin is 100% since, a perfect fabric for shawls, blouses, shirts, kimonos etc.

Since both absorb moisture and insulate while being thin and strong, it is therefore used for all kinds of clothes and bedding.

One of the most important features of the page is its outstanding lusts and its ability to reflect light, this feature emphasizes the luminous power of colours in a unique way.