Halfpanama Antigua (P)


Half Panama Antigua is a tightly woven fabric and is suitable for curtains, pillow covers, tablecloths and other creative projects.

100% cotton
Color: Optical White
Width: 147 cm
Weight: 230 g / m2
Shrinkage: 3-5%
Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Wash: We recommend fine wash 30 ° C. Gentle wash only. Sew the edges of your fabric before the first wash, to ensure that the edges are not damaged. Especially important with natural fibers.


HalfPanama Antigua

A 100% cotton fabric produced in pigment printing. With a weaving technique, right is called Half Panama, which means that the duplicated threads go in the same direction.

Word origin is considered coming from Panama hats braid.
Read more about cotton here.

Half Panama fabric has a width of 150 cm and a weight of 230 / m2.
Production is done with GOTS certified ink.
Printing method: Pigment

Wash: We recommend fine wash 30 ° C. Gentle wash only. Wash products inside to keep the colors alive.