Kitchen Towel 48 × 68

Min price 19.31

Kitchen towel 48x68cm. Design a kitchen towel for your own kitchen or as an appreciated gift.
Upload your own image or pattern, or choose one of our ready-made patterns and images. If you do not have a pattern of your own you can check among our ready-made patterns and images. Have a look under the “inspiration” tab for examples of what others have done.
All our products are sewn in Sweden.
Note about our fabrics you can find at each different fabric type.

A good material selection would be cotton-linen Ystad.
Delivery time: 5-7 weeks
Shrinkage: 3-5%


Elobinas Kitchen Towel 48x68cm.

Kitchen towels are used frequently and are always displayed prominently where can see them. So why not turn that necessity into something that is cool, unique and nice to watch?

Order your unique kitchen towel from Elobina today!

A picture or pattern that you always liked, you can now get on your particular kitchen towel. Upload the image of your choosing, choose any fabric and what colors you want your pattern. If you don’t want to use your own pattern, you can go to our pattern collection and select one out of our already finished designs that could fit. Our collection includes everything from graphic designs to the romantic designs. We also regularly add new designs, so if you prefer that your particular pattern should be in our pattern collection, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elobina’s towels are environmentally friendly and of high quality. Your can choose from many materials. You can choose between natural fiber and synthetic fiber. We have fabrics produced in pigment printing and reactive printing. Both modes of production use environmentally friendly GOTS labeled colors. In our pigment printing, we also use GOTS-branded fabrics and the whole process is environmentally friendly.

For best results, dry capacity and feel it is recommended that you use the reactive fabric Cotton-linen Ystad kitchen towels.

All our products are sewn with craftsmanship and high quality in our studio in Malmö.